Power Washing

If You Are Looking For Power Washing In New England We Can Help

Serving virtually all of New England, We take our work very seriously and are members of Powerwashers of North America. Membership provides our employees with safety and best practices training. We wash anything having to do with exteriors including siding, roofs, concrete pool decks and walkways and also do commercial work.   This past season we cleaned 77 7-Eleven gas pads and canopies along with sidewalks and storefronts as needed.   We have the capacity and knowhow to take care of residential and commercial needs.  


We use sodium hypochlorite (Bleach) mixed with a biodegradable degreaser.   The byproduct of bleach reacting with oxygen and sunlight is salt and water and it is safe for family, pets, and plant life.   We are so confident in our work that Fair Trade Home Solutions assumes liability for any damage to plant life, we’ve never had a claim.  

Commercial & Fleet Washing

We can brighten your stores and sidewalks or clean your tractor trailers. We use safe biodegradable products that are safe for employees and customers alike.   Please contact us if you need more information about how we can take care of your needs.

Powerwash- Prep for Paint

When using power washers to prep for paint, the process and chemicals are different. We might use bleach to kill mildew but for wood restoration we use Oxi-Clean (Sodium Percarbonate) along with a degreaser.   Oxi-Clean breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and soda ash after reacting with oxygen and sunlight which means it is much gentler than bleach.   It helps restore the wood and bring out it’s original coloring on natural finishes.   When prepping painted surfaces you CANNOT remove all the paint, if you work to deeply you will score the wood. The goal is to make sure the wood is clean and remove as much paint as possible without causing damage.   We put down tarps and plastic to minimize the mess but some paint chips will be left over.   It is much easier cleaning up the residual chips after everything has dried out, you are welcome to do so yourself or have us return the next day. Of course, if you have us do the paint work we do the cleaning.


You CANNOT pressure wash shingles because doing so voids the warranty. Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) is the standard process but in some applications we use an ammonia based product. First we use blowers and brooms to remove any heavy debris or moss buildup. All gutters are bagged to collect runoff and we ensure plants are protected.   We have a person on the ground who sprays everything to ensure they are protected. Once the roof is prepped we use our soft wash equipment to treat the roof.   Once it dries we treat again to ensure the moss, lichen and mildew has been chemically killed. Once dead, the remaining debris will slough off with the weather.