Packing/Moving/Property Cleanout

Moving is commonly listed as one of the most stressful times in a person or family’s life.   With over 1,500 moves under our belt, Fair Trade Home Solutions is uniquely equipped to take the stress out of your moving experience by handling everything from the packing and moving to the cleaning of your apartment or home.  We are able to handle both local and long distance moves and will also pack or unpack your own moving truck or Pod.   No stairs are too tall and no hallway too long.  I can literally wrap all furniture from side tables to dressers and armoires and couches without assistance.   We treat everything you have as precious. Give us a call when your moving process starts and we can walk you right through every step of the way right down to obtaining truck permits if necessary. We proudly serve as a moving and cleaner partner for Uhaul.

Moving Help!


We do foreclosures and junk removal. We are able to properly dispose of hazardous materials and recycle and donate as much as possible. In most cases we have dumpsters delivered on site. Quoting is simple.


We are able to properly pack your entire home, including kitchen china, wine glasses, artwork and other valuables. We provide boxes, tape packing paper and anything else deemed necessary.